Week 7


In your seventh week of pregnancy, your embryo is five weeks old.

The embryo will more than double in size this week, growing from about four millimeters long to roughly 11 to 13 millimeters, or about half an inch. The embryo can now be seen with an ultrasound machine.

The eyes are more distinct and the tail is getting smaller. The head is still much larger than the rest of the body, and it grows rapidly this week. The quickly beating heart now has two chambers, and the bronchial tubes are developing in the lungs. The hands look like little paddles. The legs are still just buds, and feet appear near the end of the week. The hands, our distinctly human appendage, are faster to develop than the feet and legs.

Your tummy still isn’t showing, but you may have gained a few pounds if you haven’t been too nauseated. Morning sickness should start to abate in the coming weeks, although a few unlucky souls suffer throughout pregnancy. You should start to feel more like yourself soon; unless you’re not getting enough rest, you probably won’t fall asleep over dinner like you did the first few weeks.
Week 7 Action Plan

Here are some things to consider doing now:

* Health Care. Schedule a first visit with your health-care provider if you haven’t already. You may not have suspected you might be pregnant until now, when your period is about three weeks late. Check the previous weeks to see what you’ve missed.

* Unexpected parenthood? If you and your partner weren’t planning on becoming parents, one or both of you may have mixed feelings about it, even if you have agreed to start a family or enlarge your existing one. It may help both of you to talk to a counselor about your feelings. It’s better to deal with these issues sooner rather than later, so that when your baby does arrive you’ll feel more prepared.

* Money matters. Investigate and arrange for financial aid or medical aid if you need it. Check your local listings for federal, state and city programs, or contact a social worker, public health center, hospital or church/temple for information. If you need help, it’s out there.

If you are interested in getting pregnant, find out ways to boost your opportunities of conceiving a baby by learning more info about when to have intercourse, signs of pregnancy, ovulation and also menstrual cycles.

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