Teenage Violence. Part 6


I personally know a woman who suffered a stroke, and no other reason could be found but her heavy intake of diet sodas.

I know of another woman who, upon drinking many cans of diet sodas has had experiences with migraines and blindness. Do you think that would drive a teen over the edge?

When the above information came out in January of 1999, over 5,000 products were known to contain Aspartame. So, what are the answers?

First, parents should take the responsibility for their children and not leave it to teachers. They should institute boundaries and areas of discipline at a young age, so their children know where they stand and most of all maintain those standards.

Also, when people talk about the war on drugs, parents and other adults need to look to themselves. What is their solution to mental, emotional and physical pain? Is it a pill? Or alcohol? Is this a “Do as I say, don’t do as I do” situation?

Students, parents, teachers and school authorities should be made aware of the information above so they can make informed decisions about what they will and won’t allow on their campuses.

Every one of these people is responsible for providing children and youth with these poisons.

The problem: even the most commonly abused stimulants such as tobacco, coffee, sweet substitutes and refined sugar can present withdrawal problems equal to those of more dangerous drugs, as many adults who have tried to get off them know.

Children, teens and adults need support in eliminating these toxic substances from their systems. My suggestion, get the money from the drug suppliers.

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