Teenage Violence. Part 3


Sugar comes in many disguises. It is a simple carbohydrate and may be called glucose, dextrose, fructose, maltose, lactose, corn syrup, honey, molasses, barley malt, cane and beet juice, date sugar and the latest, evaporated cane juice.

Even packaging that states “all natural” contains sugars in one form or another. Is it any wonder this nation’s youth is strung out?

I’ve spoken to many adults my age and we all agree we did not drink soda and eat chocolate except as a holiday or special treat. Many people now imbibe soda and coffee instead of water, depleting their systems of much-needed B vitamins — the nerve vitamins — and the liquid the body needs most — pure water. The more poisons one puts in their bodies, the less room (and desire) for healthy, nutritious fare.

Let’s look at fluoride. Recently, many city governments have been proposing putting fluoride into their tap water (which is medicating without the knowledge or consent of the people — illegal, yet that’s another story).

Although fluoride has not been proven to create violence it has been shown to cause damage to the brain and neurological impairment. It has been called an “insidious poison, harmful, toxic and cumulative in its effects, even when ingested in minimal amounts….” Even in cities where fluoride has not been added to drinking water, it is known as a contaminant from other sources such as: juices, sodas, soups, milk, canned goods and most things that contain water, including beer. Primarily, this is due to the interstate commerce of food products from fluoridated areas and toothpaste ingestion. Many cereals and dry goods processed with water also contain fluoride. White grape juice contains some of the highest levels, due to the fact that white grapes are often sprayed with a fluoride-based pesticide called Cryolite. (3)

Do you think an “insidious poison” and something that has a cumulative effect does not affect the whole system? And combine it with the other poisons we ingest through our breath and our food and what do we have? A time bomb maybe?

Let’s examine cigarettes. (It’s funny to me how youngsters think being adult means doing things harmful to themselves such as drinking coffee, alcohol and smoking cigarettes.)

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