Team Skateboard Discusses Possible Evictees


Before I discuss the possible evictees, I have a side comment:

Something I really enjoy about Survivor are those transition moments when we’re shown quick snippets of animals, bugs, and nature in general. I think of these as Discovery Channel moments.

One such moment was when they showed bunches and bunches of crabs scurrying across the beach and rolling/burrying little balls. (Are these egg sacks? Supposedly people in Canada know what these are, but I’m clueless.)

The ball question was answered and this is really cool! I got two explanations:

1) “The little balls that the crabs make are just that – little balls of sand. The crabs stuff as much sand as they can into little pouches on their heads, and drink the water from the sand. Then they empty out their pouch, repeatedly and quickly, and leave the little balls as they keep moving along the beach “drinking” water from the sand. I saw that on a nature show.”

2) “I can’t recall the exact name of that species of crab, but what they are doing is removing/eating the alge, bacteria and so forth from the sand. When they are done, they leave a little clean sand ball. I have heard that they (in numbers) can clean great areas of a beach in a matter of a day or so. Cool shit that’s for certain :-)”

How could a whole team of people not notice hundreds of little balls all over their beach? How can they be on a remote island and have no desire or interest in exploring anything other than their immediate camp area? I see so much boredom and just sitting around.

If I saw a bunch of balls on the beach I would wonder where they came from and sit as still as possible until the little critters popped back out of the sand. And I would be thankful that I was given such an amazing experience with nature.

These people would suck to go on a vacation with. We’d go to Europe or Hawaii or to the Great Pyramids and they’d rather just sit in the hotel and watch TV.

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