Teenage Violence. Part 4


Did you know that an average of five percent sugar is added to cigarettes? Air curing takes about three months and only traces of natural sugars are left in the tobacco, so more is added. In flue curing (which of course is faster), fires are set outside the barn and the heat is led via iron pipes or flues into the building in which the tobacco is hung fresh from the fields. Since the temperatures reach up to 170 degrees, this process speeds the cure. (more…)

Eating Right For Baby


A healthy baby is the product of the mother’s good nutritional habits before and during pregnancy. Your baby is looking to you for everything, including the vitamins and nutrients necessary to grow properly. However eating for two doesn’t mean you should eat twice as much food as you did before you became pregnant.


It’s Leg Day!


Nothing separates the men from the boys (or the women from the girls) more than when it’s time to work the legs.

Legs are tough. In general, they require a lot of work in order to grow. The legs usually need to be stressed with plenty of weight as well. When the legs are pumped, they drain blood from the rest of the body causing that dreaded queasy feeling in the stomach.


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