Hidden Messages


What Kids Really Get From Anti-Smoking Ads

Lately, the tobacco industry has publicly spoken out against adolescents smoking cigarettes. At least, that’s how it seems on the surface. A closer look at their anti-smoking programs reveals what’s really going on. (more…)

Teenage Violence. Part 6


I personally know a woman who suffered a stroke, and no other reason could be found but her heavy intake of diet sodas.

I know of another woman who, upon drinking many cans of diet sodas has had experiences with migraines and blindness. Do you think that would drive a teen over the edge? (more…)

Teenage Violence. Part 4


Did you know that an average of five percent sugar is added to cigarettes? Air curing takes about three months and only traces of natural sugars are left in the tobacco, so more is added. In flue curing (which of course is faster), fires are set outside the barn and the heat is led via iron pipes or flues into the building in which the tobacco is hung fresh from the fields. Since the temperatures reach up to 170 degrees, this process speeds the cure. (more…)

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