Preventing GERD


Certain lifestyle modifications can be helpful in preventing or reducing the symptoms of GERD. Fatty meals slow down gastric (stomach) emptying and, therefore, predispose to distention (expansion or swelling of the abdomen) and reflux (stomach contents flowing backward into the esophagus). An increase in the fat content of meals may be an important factor in explaining the increase of reflux in the western world in recent years. (more…)

Quality of life Issues in Viral Hepatitis


Dr. Mark Swain, from the University of Calgary, has extensively studied a difficult issue, the assessment of quality of life in patients with chronic hepatitis. The most important factor that makes this difficult is the subjective nature of all quality-of-life scales. (more…)

Teenage Violence. Part 1


Recently there has been a spate of teenage violence in and around the nation’s schools. Are guns and their availability really the cause or are they the symptom? Is there another answer outside of gun control?

A few months ago in an area near Glendale, California, two teenage boys were killed in an alleged “drug deal gone bad” — one with a rock. There were no guns involved. What is the cause of this anger and hostility perpetrated by our nation’s youth? (more…)

Specific Scents For Specific Problems


What about all those treatments for specific problems that an aromatherapist can offer? What about the books full of formulas that are supposed to cure specific ailments? You know, the ones that say, ‘Sniff 8 drops of this for a cold, or 12 drops of that in your bath to relieve stress.’ Is there truth in all of this? If the truth be known, medical science has only just begun to unravel the many reasons for the use of essential oils and Aromatherapy treatments. (more…)

Causation in a Symptomological Universe Post 2


The second phase of homeopathy began with the rejection of allopathy (meaning, based on no guiding principles whatsoever) and antipathy (using the concept of contraries). The genius of Samuel Hahnemann was that he took one of several medical concepts, healing with similar substances, and provided convincing evidence that it was the natural law of cure. The other approaches were suppressive, damaging or palliative. Hahnemann then provided the means to apply it systematically to individual cases of disease. An idea is of little use if it remains a theory and cannot be systematically applied, as Hahnemann argued, on the basis of “easily comprehensible principles”. (more…)

Causation in a Symptomological Universe Post 1


Homeopathy, as a revolution in medical thought and practice, is itself in the throes of an internal revolution. A philosophy of medicine based seemingly on a close reading of the characteristic (individualising) symptoms of a patient for a prescription has been grappling with the time-bomb left by its creator, the re-introduction of causation into prescribing. (more…)

Avoid Little League Elbow


Young athletes, especially pitchers, are susceptible to “little league elbow,” which describes a variety of elbow problems caused by throwing. (more…)

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