Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt


Today announced details of an allocation of over 2bn of capital investment for the next financial year.

Capital funding is used to acquire and modernise land, buildings and equipment in the NHS and it can only be used for these purposes. These NHS allocations represent an overall increase of 19% over 2005/06 which matches the growth in capital funding awarded for Health in the 2011 Spending Review. The overall growth in the NHS allocation is made up of a 25% increase in operational capital investment which goes directly to NHS Trusts and Primary Care Trusts and a 13% growth in strategic capital which goes to Strategic Health Authorities for larger projects. (more…)



Q.This sounds really weird, but I have these things that come out of my anus. They are small and white and worm-like. They also move. I am too afraid to let this go, but I am too embarrassed to seek professional help. (more…)

IBS Survival Guide. Part 1


Do you wish your intestines would function normally and stop being so moody and cranky? You’re not alone — yet you may be misunderstood. One in five Americans, mostly women, suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a disorder characterized by chronic intestinal discomfort and irregular bowel movements that sometimes interfere with normal daily life. (more…)

Avoiding the Side Effects of Peanut Allergies. Part 2


Avoiding the Culprit
But it’s not just the obvious foods that contain peanuts or peanut products that scare allergy sufferers like Susan. AAAAI has found that great risk comes from the “hidden” peanut products — residues and cross-contaminations that find their way into foods allergy sufferers eat. These residues, while often not present in high concentrations, can trigger allergic reactions, especially in highly sensitive individuals.


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