Communicating With Your Sex Partner. Part 1


You rush to greet your partner as he arrives home from work. You’re coiffed, perfumed and in the mood for love. The table is set, the candles lit, the lights dim and soft music is playing.
But he blows past you and heads for the kitchen. He turns the lights on, grabs a cold soda and bellows, “Hey, honey, how soon is dinner? Do I have time to change my oil?” (more…)

My Husband says He’s Bisexual Post 2


My suggestion is that you don’t try to “save” your marriage or pressure David in this direction. Instead, ask him to make a commitment to honesty and truth-telling. Consider encouraging David to consult a therapist who has expertise with gay clients. As threatening as this idea may be, it’s best for both of you if real feelings can be acknowledged and shared. If David’s desire for men is a core aspect of his self, it will not disappear. True and authentic desire — the ultimate honesty — may win out in the end, no matter how much David loves and respects and vows his loyalty to you, in front of God and everybody else. (more…)

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