How much does the pitch matter when so much money is chasing business plans?


It’s been said that all a company has to add is a dot-com after its name. There’s a tidal wave shift to the Internet, and it seems like investors want to get into the gold rush. But I wouldn’t counsel clients to be complacent. (more…)

William Park


It works for the government and, according to William Park, it works for etailers too. Web surfers often balk at giving up personal information on the Internet. His solution? Don’t ask customers what they want, just watch them. (more…)

Software On Tap. Part 1


Through the Internet, application service providers (ASPs) are making software acquisition and maintenance easier and cheaper.

With the vast connection abilities that the Internet offers, your facility can now reach members in ways that only a few years ago would have been impossible. (more…)

The horror, the horror


We are told that E-commerce is a revolution in the making. If it is a revolution, it also has all the characteristics of a bloody one. The stories from the front lines aren’t pretty. (more…)

Information Warfare


When the Department of Defense laid the foundation for today’s Internet back in the 1960s, one of the original ideas was to use the new medium to ensure uninterrupted communications during war. Today, that idea is being updated by an elite group of cyberwarriors within the department whose mission is to use the Net to foster communications chaos and bloodlessly cripple the enemy.


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