Drugs – recreational. Part 1


Recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, barbiturates, PCP, and heroin can significantly impact female fertility. In women, recreational drug use is especially dangerous because it may cause harmful effects to the fetus if the woman does conceive. The way in which recreational drugs negatively impact fertility is thought to be related to their effects on gonadotropin (LH and FSH) secretion. (more…)

Michelle’s Journal: Week Five. Part 1


I am so sorry I have not written in a while. In all honesty, my life has been in an absolute whirlwind. More than that though, I have decided that this program is not as helpful to me as I wish it could have been. It is not because Sharon and Armand are not wonderful — because they really are. It is just all the same things that I have heard before. (more…)

Another Chemical-Cancer Scare Is Discredited


One of the favorite myths of some breast cancer advocacy groups is that environmental chemicals contribute to the increased risk of breast cancer among women living in certain areas. One such area is Long Island. A new study by a group of researchers affiliated with the American Health Foundation in Valhalla, N.Y., has joined a number of other studies refuting such a link.


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