Personalizing the Target


The second recommendation regarding perceived exertion pertains to the instructional strategy utilized by this author for his clients over the last several years: developing a personalized target heart rate range (PTHRR). The concept is basic and effective, and involves the consistent monitoring and recording of both heart rate and perceived exertion during each exercise session. The initial development of a PTHRR usually requires 10 to 20 consecutive exercise sessions, with further refinement occurring over subsequent workouts. (more…)

Is Working Out at Home Right For You?


Working out at home is an effective alternative for many people, including those who don’t have a gym near their home or office, those who don’t want to pay to join a gym, and those who simply enjoy the privacy of exercising in their own space. While exercising at home can be convenient, ask yourself these three important questions before committing your time and money to a home workout program.

* Will your spouse/roommate/children be supportive of your scheduled workout time? Can you be sure they won’t interrupt you?

* Are you motivated enough to get your sneakers on and exercise when there is a perfectly good television just waiting to be watched? Do you have the discipline to exercise alone at regularly scheduled times?

* Do you know how to exercise properly? Do you have videos that will show you safety precautions? Are you fully aware of the proper techniques in using your home fitness equipment?

Consider your answers carefully before deciding that working out at home is right for you.

The Road to Fitness


Without a doubt, your commitment to the progress is the most important step in any lifestyle modification program. No one can dispute that starting and adhering to a fitness program is challenging. It requires making permanent changes in your daily life. You not only need the desire to reach your goal, you also need the motivation to do whatever is necessary to get there and stay there. (more…)

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