Software On Tap. Part 2


While the ASP subscription model has become popular with medium to small businesses, industry analysts predict that all sizes of businesses will eventually turn to this model. The most commonanalysts  reasons cited include that an ASP offers the following benefits: (more…)

Software On Tap. Part 1


Through the Internet, application service providers (ASPs) are making software acquisition and maintenance easier and cheaper.

With the vast connection abilities that the Internet offers, your facility can now reach members in ways that only a few years ago would have been impossible. (more…)

Strange Bedfellows


Despite the fact that competitors often snipe at Jupiter Communications, at least one has been impressed enough to invest $9.3 million in the company. GartnerGroup, Jupiter’s largest investor, now owns at least 32.6 percent of the company.


Wired for Learning 2


Even so, mixed messages remain about the use of computers in the classroom.

Even as the education system deals with the issue of computers in the classroom, some fifteen to twenty years on, it continues to debate the challenge that they pose.


Wired for Learning 1


The Internet is the fuel of a new era — one in which information and knowledge can be freely transmitted and made available throughout the world. Educators must determine how they will prepare the youth of today to survive in the new information-based world of tomorrow.


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