Cardio and Strength Training Combine to Improve Health


While the step aerobics classes in your facility promote cardiovascular fitness and improve body composition, they lack the strengthening benefits of resistance training. A combination of the two provides the most efficient way to condition women’s bodies while still allowing them to enjoy step aerobics, according to a new study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (Feb. 2001).


Taking Health Clubs by Storm


Question: What’s a fitness seeker’s ultimate fantasy?

Answer: A workout that can be easily adapted to your needs, does not leave you feeling self-conscious, and focuses on your mind and your body.

This fantasy workout can now be found in health clubs worldwide. It’s a new kind of stationary cycling called “Spinning®.”

Spinning classes utilize specially designed stationary cycles which enable you to easily adjust the resistance to your own fitness level. Spinning naturally lends itself to an individualized workout that burns serious calories, tones the lower body, and creates aerobic improvement that can transfer over to other activities.


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