Strange Bedfellows


Despite the fact that competitors often snipe at Jupiter Communications, at least one has been impressed enough to invest $9.3 million in the company. GartnerGroup, Jupiter’s largest investor, now owns at least 32.6 percent of the company.

But in the increasingly incestuous world of Net commerce, Gartner is also gearing up to compete head-on with Jupiter. Although primarily focused on other issues related to IT, Gartner has recently been trying to cut in on Jupiter’s game and establish itself as an authority on the Internet and ecommerce. Just a few months ago, the Stamford, Conn.-based firm released a study on ecommerce. At the end of July, it announced it would begin offering a suite of services called GartnerE that will consists of research reports and consulting services focused specifically on ebusiness.

Gartner will not be able to purchase any more Jupiter stock for a year because it owns more than 32 percent. Until now, the firm could appoint two of the five members to Jupiter’s board, but this will change when the offering closes. That could present some tricky management maneuvering in the next few months.

“GartnerGroup could use its voting power in a way that would negatively affect our ability to operate our business” reads Jupiter’s S-1. “GartnerGroup has substantially greater financial resources than we do, which may allow it to devote greater resources than we may to the development and sale of their Internet commerce research.” Officials at Gartner refused to comment.

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