Q.This sounds really weird, but I have these things that come out of my anus. They are small and white and worm-like. They also move. I am too afraid to let this go, but I am too embarrassed to seek professional help.

– Jessica

A.Small, white, moving worm-like things ARE worms — probably pinworms. Worms are not a sign that you are an unclean person; you can pick up some types of worms through foods, some during travel to tropical countries, some by contact with a person who has them.

You need treatment with an appropriate medication, which you need to get from your doctor. It is important to correctly identify the type of worm so that the correct drug can be prescribed.

Please don’t be embarrassed to see your doctor about this — we have seen it before, believe me! A family physician is your best bet in this circumstance.

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