How about Mental Attitude?


I was not thinking about anything mechanical, just visualizing the ball going in the hole! PGA professionals often express this state of mind as “being in the zone”. (more…)

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Could my daughter have cystic fibrosis?


Your daughter has had many illnesses of the upper and lower respiratory tract and may well have allergies. Children with allergies often have recurrent ear and sinus infections as well as enlarged tonsils and adenoids. Of course many of these children also have asthma. And yes, some of these same respiratory tract problems are common in children with cystic fibrosis. (more…)

Personalizing the Target


The second recommendation regarding perceived exertion pertains to the instructional strategy utilized by this author for his clients over the last several years: developing a personalized target heart rate range (PTHRR). The concept is basic and effective, and involves the consistent monitoring and recording of both heart rate and perceived exertion during each exercise session. The initial development of a PTHRR usually requires 10 to 20 consecutive exercise sessions, with further refinement occurring over subsequent workouts. (more…)

Drugs – recreational. Part 4


Occupational Hazards – chemicals and radiation
It may surprise you, but certain chemicals can increase your risk of infertility. This particularly applies to women who work in factories or other jobs where there is an ongoing exposure to various industrial chemicals and pollutants. (more…)

Drugs – recreational. Part 3


Common and household herbs to try to avoid while trying to concieve: Barberry, Fennel, Goldenseal, Lavender, Male Fern, Calamus, Mistletoe, Pennyroyal, Poke Root, Sage, Cayenne, Tansy, Wild Cherry, Yarrow, Bloodroot, Cypress, Thyme, Celandine, Ephedra , Flaxseed, Juniper, Licorice Root, Mayapple, Passion Flower, Periwinkle, Rhubarb, Cascara Sagrada, Wormwood, St. John’s Wart, Echinacea, and Gingko biloba. (more…)

Drugs – recreational. Part 2


Caffeine is a stimulant found in coffee, soft drinks, and tea. At this time, the literature linking caffeine with infertility is controversial. There are studies that link consumption of large amounts of caffeine to increased time to conception, infertility due to endometriosis and tubal disease, and miscarriage. (more…)

Drugs – recreational. Part 1


Recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, barbiturates, PCP, and heroin can significantly impact female fertility. In women, recreational drug use is especially dangerous because it may cause harmful effects to the fetus if the woman does conceive. The way in which recreational drugs negatively impact fertility is thought to be related to their effects on gonadotropin (LH and FSH) secretion. (more…)

What you Give


Consider each of these benefits before joining an association. If education and training is the most important part of your membership, as it seems to be with most, find out which organizations offer training and what the cost is. Is it more or less expensive to obtain continuing education credits as a member or non-member? Also, ask current members why they joined a particular association and whether they are satisfied with the benfits. If they have the same goals as you and are getting what they need, great. Otherwise, you should look elsewhere for help. (more…)

How much does the pitch matter when so much money is chasing business plans?


It’s been said that all a company has to add is a dot-com after its name. There’s a tidal wave shift to the Internet, and it seems like investors want to get into the gold rush. But I wouldn’t counsel clients to be complacent. (more…)

Jen’s Journal


This week was positive in many ways and negative in a few.
To start the week I indulged on a rainy weekend getaway for my anniversary. My food choices were not the best and most of last weekend was spent eating and lounging in our hotel room. Also, as the week began, there was Halloween candy to tempt me. (more…)

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