Michelle’s Journal: Week Five. Part 2


Sharon’s Reply

Dear Michele,
If we helped you understand yourself better and set reasonable expectations, then I am glad. The Four Get Fit program is about individualization — if keeping food records is your barrier to staying involved, then we will remove the food records. You can be accountable for your eating in other ways. We can devise other plans to assist you in following through with healthy habits.

In my many years of nutrition counseling, I have worked with clients in similar scenarios. You are one of the “dieting causalities.” You have a more complex problem with food that no “perfect diet plan” can solve. You use food as a coping mechanism, and therefore need help finding another way to deal with emotional eating.

I have been trained in a special program called “The Solution.” This program is designed to help you develop the skills to turn off the need to overeat. You can buy the book by Laurel Mellin, and go to the Web site. I think it will benefit you greatly. I could also help you understand the material. You can locate a solution group in your area on the site.

You are learning that not every diet approach is appropriate for you. You have not failed. You just haven’t yet found the help you need!

You can continue with just a dialogue weekly, without the food records. It is up to you!

Best wishes,


Michelle’s Reply


I would love to continue! I am so thankful for you! This week I learned that I don’t feel like I succeed unless there are results. Thinking that way makes me believe that if the results are not instant, I have failed in some way.

I have noticed that I really have been eating less the last week or two. I have been really busy and have hardly had time to sleep, much less eat. But when I do have time, I focus on feeling true hunger pains in my stomach and not just in my head. I have made it my theme: If I don’t feel hungry, I don’t eat. But if I feel hungry, I eat.

The one thing I feel I need to work on more than anything right now is the high-sugar, high-calorie drinks. I stopped drinking sodas for six months, and I have noticed I replaced the sodas with Fruitopia and Slurpies and frozen lemonades. It doesn’t make much sense to cut out one thing and pick it up again in a different form.

The other thing is that, because I have been so busy, I have eaten out a lot. It is no surprise to me that I lead a busy life. I want to take my meals with me wherever I go from now on so I can be prepared to eat healthy. I have been eating a salad every day at lunch and it is good. Anyway, thank you for everything, and I’ll write again soon.


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