Jen’s Journal


This week was positive in many ways and negative in a few.
To start the week I indulged on a rainy weekend getaway for my anniversary. My food choices were not the best and most of last weekend was spent eating and lounging in our hotel room. Also, as the week began, there was Halloween candy to tempt me.

The good news this week is that I have decided not to let the time change interrupt my exercise program any more. Instead of accepting the time change as a given to destroying our daily hike in the nearby open space, we made an effort to get up before work to hike. Success! I got up and went for a hike every single day this week, starting Sunday. What a great way to start the day! Not only did it help me wake up and allow my husband and I that time together before heading our separate ways, but I found I was much more alert, more refreshed and in a better mood at work because of the early rise and exercise. Plus, what a beautiful sunrise!

The other major success this week was that I returned to the gym after a long hiatus. And once Halloween was out of the way my diet did quite well.

Armand’s Reply

Wow Jen! I’m speechless. You had the best week of exercise ever. What a fantastic job you did after a sedentary rainy weekend and candy-ridden Halloween. The fact that you figured a way around the time change and hiked with your husband every morning is phenomenal.

Of course, I’m not surprised by how great you felt the rest of the day after exercising.I tell people that all the time that exercise is the best pick-me-up and that it gets your day off to a perfect start. Keep it up!

Congratulations also on returning to the gym. You’ve resumed your weight-training routine and are doing the stretching routine, as well. If I could e-mail you a gold star I would.

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