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Erectile dysfunction can be caused by several different things, including diabetes, aging, medical problems, drug use, stress, performance anxiety, cardiovascular problems, emotional problems, and more. Men of all ages can be successfully treated for Erectile Dysfunction, and more and more people are aware of this. An increasing number of men have asked for help and have been able to resume their sex lives due to the availability of improved, effective treatments for Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction (aka: impotency) is the result of the effects of disease and the normal aging process over time. Several studies indicated that a number of psychological factors, such as childhood physical and/or sexual abuse or other sorts of traumas, may play a part in the development of erectile dysfunction. Depression can be emotional or physical in nature, and depressant medications can make the problem even worse. He begins to have mood swings and he feels angry and lacks patience.

There are both physical and emotional causes for Erectile Dysfunction.

Drugs: Heavy drug use can cause symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction, and we all know that drugs can have a negative effect on the body. If a person uses drugs, it is quite possible he will suffer from Erectile Dysfunction.

Diabetes: Diabetes has an enormous effect on the body, and can cause Erectile Dysfunction. In its early stages, Erectile Dysfunction might be an indicator that diabetes is present.

Fear of Loss of Erection: This is another cause of Erectile Dysfunction. Basically, someone who worries about developing Erectile Dysfunction can become so anxious about it, it actually happens.

In conclusion, Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual problem that is treatable, and a man who is dealing with this difficult issue can begin to have a normal sex life again if he gets the proper treatment.

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