How to Get By a Urinalysis


Basically all employment opportunities that you apply for in this day and age make you have a drug test. Most drug testing starts with a urinalysis. People are more concerned about having good results with urinalysis than they are with any other test, even the people who are not addicted to drugs. Urinalysis is used by many employers because the test is easy to administer, fast results are available and it is low cost.


1) Detoxification

Don’t try to pass a urinalysis by using methods that have been known to fail. In order to pass the test, some have resorted to passing off someone else’s urine as their own. Others have been desperate enough to put some kind of chemical substance under their fingernails because they are trying to influence the test results.

The main point is if you have been exposed to any kind of prohibited drug in the past thirty days, there are a few options available for you. One option is to use pure urine from a friend or buy a “fake urine” formula. Another choice is to detoxify. Face it, it’s all about timing.

2) What to Be Aware Of

Know the exact time that you will have a drugs test. Various detoxification items are useful based on timing. If you are not going to be tested for drugs until next week, it is advised that you try permanent detoxification. A few days is needed to clean out your system when you use this type of product. At least an entire week of this product is needed to make sure you have clean test results.

3) Temporary Detoxification

This detoxification formula should only be used if you intend to start using drugs again following the test. It only takes five to six hours to clean your urine with this product, so it is vital for you to know exactly when you are scheduled for your drug test so you can receive the best results from this option. This is the best option if you know the exact date and time and you have less than a week to detoxify.

4) Don’t Have A Clue As To When The Test Will Occur

Make it your goal to pass the test, even if you don’t have any idea when the test will be. Random testing for drugs are performed at lots of organizations. Hence, we say you should think about doing permanent detoxification. It is necessary to know that temporary detoxification systems are invalid with hair and saliva drug analysis. This method will keep your urine clean for a set amount of time, and that’s limited. You can be successful if you use some temporary detoxification procedures one or two hours before a random test for drugs.

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