How much does the pitch matter when so much money is chasing business plans?


It’s been said that all a company has to add is a dot-com after its name. There’s a tidal wave shift to the Internet, and it seems like investors want to get into the gold rush. But I wouldn’t counsel clients to be complacent. They have just one window for this. I don’t have to counsel very hard, though. Everyone in this industry has gotten to where they’ve gotten because they’re eager to win. What does a CEO or co-founder need to know before they give a pitch to a roomful of investors?

They need to know that institutional investors are overloaded to the hilt. They see as many as 10 companies a day, and investors don’t want to get a snow job. [Entrepreneurs] need to become succinct and clear and not make the investors work. The most common complaint I get from investors is that after they listen to a pitch for an hour or 20 minutes, they don’t know what the company does. They need to develop a clear story – a clear narrative. This is not a plug-and-play speech or a boilerplate pitch.

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