Health Fair Promotion


For a corporate or in-house fair, typical signs and brochures are always helpful. Prime locations for signs and brochures include front entrances, elevator waiting areas, backs of bathroom stall doors, over urinals, coffee/water cooler areas and cafeterias. Include a notice in employee newsletters and an invitation in paychecks. If you can, send invitations to people’s homes. Email is also great. Send a message 14 days in advance, seven days in advance and then again for two days before and during the event. The same schedule applies to voice mail messages.

Raffles and drawings, contests and prizes will help draw people in. Well-known speakers can also attract an audience and the media.

For community-based fairs, direct mail is effective, but expensive. Windshield fliers, supermarket signs, listings in free community calendars, library bulletin boards, school bulletin boards, etc., are less expensive and easy. Signs in store windows, notices on pizza boxes, Chinese food cartons and drug store prescription deliveries are innovative and unexpected.

Notices in doctors’ waiting rooms and in the doctor-to-patient newsletter/billings should also be considered. Full- and half-page ads in the health section of the newspaper will attract a wide variety of participants.

On the day of the event, big balloon displays and flying flags or ribbons will attract passers-by and drop-in traffic. Walk through the supermarket and nearby stores in a white lab coat and pass out information (with the approval of the business owner). Music and action help attract more people. Anything visual that will hold their attention is worth a try. Examples include aerobics team demonstrations, live musicians, clowns/magicians, puppet shows, etc. A mounted spinning wheel board (like Wheel of Fortune or roulette) encourages people to interact. If they win prizes and information, the the result is even better.

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