Celebrate Something


Author and columnist Marilyn Savant said, “To acquire knowledge one must study, but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.”

In order to celebrate anything, we must first observe it’s value and, then enthusiastically express our appreciation of it. Negative thinking, criticism and chronic complaint are symptoms of feeling unvalued and lead us to an impotent lifestyle of being victims to our life and then to our aging. Longing for life to be the way it was, or the way we wanted it to be, leaves us unable to see the value of today.

Having purpose, meaning and goals are as necessary to the mature adult as they are to youth.

Being observant enough to make each day a celebration of being alive will lead to the wisdom with which to set our goals and affirm our intentions toward healthy mid-life experiences.

Find ways to observe and celebrate the age that you are, the learning, which has accompanied your journey, and your life as it is today. Then find ways to share your acquired wisdom with others.

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