Parent Education for Raising Children


For children to develop fully as human beings, they need love, attention, understanding and support from adults. When parents do not fulfill the essential needs of children, they are denied a solid foundation for achieving their potential. There is a great need for parent education and support. (more…)

Stay at Home Mother Resource List


Mothers at Home, based in Vienna, Va., aims to help women who stay at home or wish to stay at home. The group publishes a monthly journal, which includes personal essays, poems and art, as well as advice on money and ways to deal with unruly children. (more…)

Will a treadmill tone my legs?


Dear Expert:

I was born with a clubfoot. Due to the number of operations and no physical activity, I have what you call “thunder thighs” and a “saggy butt.” (more…)

Sex and the Golden Years


I have two brothers. Growing up, I assumed that my parents had intercourse only three times. Even when my parents were in their 60s and I was in my 20s, I couldn’t or didn’t want to imagine them being sexually active. Now however, as I approach perimenopause myself, I am increasingly aware that if desired, sexual activity may not only continue as we mature, but perhaps even improve. (more…)

Is Working Out at Home Right For You?


Working out at home is an effective alternative for many people, including those who don’t have a gym near their home or office, those who don’t want to pay to join a gym, and those who simply enjoy the privacy of exercising in their own space. While exercising at home can be convenient, ask yourself these three important questions before committing your time and money to a home workout program.

* Will your spouse/roommate/children be supportive of your scheduled workout time? Can you be sure they won’t interrupt you?

* Are you motivated enough to get your sneakers on and exercise when there is a perfectly good television just waiting to be watched? Do you have the discipline to exercise alone at regularly scheduled times?

* Do you know how to exercise properly? Do you have videos that will show you safety precautions? Are you fully aware of the proper techniques in using your home fitness equipment?

Consider your answers carefully before deciding that working out at home is right for you.

Blue Mood a Mystery


You yell at the dog. You bark at your wife. You’re grouchy all day and don’t know why.

You’re probably suffering from a “mystery mood,” the term social psychologist Tanya Chartrand uses to describe those bad days when you can’t quite put our finger on what’s wrong.


And here we go with yet Another Hug


My first thought when I saw Lindsey’s nose and face smashed into Linda’s neck and shoulder was, “How long have they been without a shower?” (more…)

Anger Is Not a Four-Letter Word


It’s never displayed in polite company. And it’s almost always frowned upon. Anger is one of the most powerful yet least understood emotions. Even in 2000, we aren’t sure how to manage it!


Country Christmas


If “folksy” and “country” describe your personal style, express yourself inside and out with homey accents. Out front, create a focal point with a wooden snow family, a sleigh filled with wrapped packages, or a row of folksy angels. (more…)

Teenage Violence. Part 6


I personally know a woman who suffered a stroke, and no other reason could be found but her heavy intake of diet sodas.

I know of another woman who, upon drinking many cans of diet sodas has had experiences with migraines and blindness. Do you think that would drive a teen over the edge? (more…)

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