Viagra and cardiac risk. Part 1


Researchers from BIDMC in Boston say their data suggest that heart problems caused by the drug sildenafil (Viagra) are extremely rare. Their study, presented at the conference, analyzed 82 studies of sildenafil, a popular drug used to treat impotence. (more…)

William Park


It works for the government and, according to William Park, it works for etailers too. Web surfers often balk at giving up personal information on the Internet. His solution? Don’t ask customers what they want, just watch them. (more…)

Strange Bedfellows


Despite the fact that competitors often snipe at Jupiter Communications, at least one has been impressed enough to invest $9.3 million in the company. GartnerGroup, Jupiter’s largest investor, now owns at least 32.6 percent of the company.


Health Fair Promotion


For a corporate or in-house fair, typical signs and brochures are always helpful. Prime locations for signs and brochures include front entrances, elevator waiting areas, backs of bathroom stall doors, over urinals, coffee/water cooler areas and cafeterias. Include a notice in employee newsletters and an invitation in paychecks. If you can, send invitations to people’s homes. Email is also great. Send a message 14 days in advance, seven days in advance and then again for two days before and during the event. The same schedule applies to voice mail messages. (more…)

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