Do Women need Steroids?


My daughter wants to know if women have to take steroids to build muscles?


No, women do not have to take steroids to build muscles. Women and girls can strengthen, firm, tighten and tone their muscles through resistance training, such as weight machines or free weights. (more…)

Week 7


In your seventh week of pregnancy, your embryo is five weeks old.

The embryo will more than double in size this week, growing from about four millimeters long to roughly 11 to 13 millimeters, or about half an inch. The embryo can now be seen with an ultrasound machine.


Let Your Milk Go


Lactation experts offer a couple of other suggestions for getting your milk flowing. Sometimes just thinking about your baby can stimulate the let-down reflex. If that doesn’t work, try taking a warm bath or shower, or applying warm washcloths to your breasts. (more…)

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