Viagra and cardiac risk. Part 2


The study found that 35 percent of 374 heart failure patients admitted to Duke between March 1997 and June 1998 were diagnosed with depression, based on a standard battery of psychological tests. Furthermore, 14 percent of this group of patients were classified as having major depression. (more…)

Impotency. What is it.txt


Erectile dysfunction can be caused by several different things, including diabetes, aging, medical problems, drug use, stress, performance anxiety, cardiovascular problems, emotional problems, and more. Men of all ages can be successfully treated for Erectile Dysfunction, and more and more people are aware of this. (more…)

The Solution To Male Baldness: Propecia


You can use Propecia to treat and prevent hair loss. Propecia is an FDA approved prescription for hair loss. Propecia is a common prescription for people who have moderate hair loss or baldness, especially on the top of the head. (more…)

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