9 Common Fitness Complaints and How to Address Them


Sure, exercise improves your health. Yet, while it typically makes you feel good, exercise sometimes triggers aches, pains and other ailments you shouldn’t ignore. In general, you should always seek medical attention when a symptom has one or more of the following characteristics (more…)

Give Rock Climbing a Try


Footwork can be tricky for the beginner, so here are a few pointers and tips on how to make the most from your sessions on the rock.

First of all, your biggest muscles in your foot are the ones comprising your big toe. That is why your foot is so cramped in those tight little shoes. The shoe puts your big toe up front, making it the weight bearer for your body. All of your weight is centered on that little one square inch (more or less) of space. This is the typical climbing area, for all sorts. (more…)

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