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Dear Subscriber:

If you are you among the growing number of FitnessHeaven members who have had success with our Online Diets or Workouts, we want to hear about it. (more…)

How about Mental Attitude?


I was not thinking about anything mechanical, just visualizing the ball going in the hole! PGA professionals often express this state of mind as “being in the zone”. (more…)

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What you Give


Consider each of these benefits before joining an association. If education and training is the most important part of your membership, as it seems to be with most, find out which organizations offer training and what the cost is. Is it more or less expensive to obtain continuing education credits as a member or non-member? Also, ask current members why they joined a particular association and whether they are satisfied with the benfits. If they have the same goals as you and are getting what they need, great. Otherwise, you should look elsewhere for help. (more…)

Jen’s Journal


This week was positive in many ways and negative in a few.
To start the week I indulged on a rainy weekend getaway for my anniversary. My food choices were not the best and most of last weekend was spent eating and lounging in our hotel room. Also, as the week began, there was Halloween candy to tempt me. (more…)

Will a treadmill tone my legs?


Dear Expert:

I was born with a clubfoot. Due to the number of operations and no physical activity, I have what you call “thunder thighs” and a “saggy butt.” (more…)

Michelle’s Journal: Week Five. Part 2


Sharon’s Reply

Dear Michele,
If we helped you understand yourself better and set reasonable expectations, then I am glad. The Four Get Fit program is about individualization — if keeping food records is your barrier to staying involved, then we will remove the food records. You can be accountable for your eating in other ways. We can devise other plans to assist you in following through with healthy habits. (more…)

Michelle’s Journal: Week Five. Part 1


I am so sorry I have not written in a while. In all honesty, my life has been in an absolute whirlwind. More than that though, I have decided that this program is not as helpful to me as I wish it could have been. It is not because Sharon and Armand are not wonderful — because they really are. It is just all the same things that I have heard before. (more…)

Payroll and Benefits


The payroll category is the club’s largest controllable area. Key advice includes doing a better job of matching staff levels to actual member usage levels, eliminating certain positions, hiring new employees at hourly wages that start at less than current employees in those positions, outsourcing certain functions (especially IT and human resources), not replacing a department head when they leave and doing a better job of terminating underachievers. (more…)

Team Skateboard Discusses Possible Evictees


Before I discuss the possible evictees, I have a side comment:

Something I really enjoy about Survivor are those transition moments when we’re shown quick snippets of animals, bugs, and nature in general. I think of these as Discovery Channel moments. (more…)

Rochester Athletic Club


Rochester Athletic Club communicates its core values of Focus, Accountability, Commitment and Tracking through an adventurous training program known as F.A.C.T. The program’s aim is to take these disparate elements and combine them into a single operating principle. Put simply, F.A.C.T. orients employees to the facts that govern their jobs. (more…)

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