And here we go with yet Another Hug


My first thought when I saw Lindsey’s nose and face smashed into Linda’s neck and shoulder was, “How long have they been without a shower?”

I’d be like, “Linda. I don’t have a problem with hugging you, but can we just SAY we hugged and leave it at that? Because I know that I stink. I know that YOU stink. And if both of us come together hugging and squeezing and all that, we may just explode in stink.

And then the other people would be like, ‘Damn! What the hell is that?’ And we’d have to explain that we hugged and thus multiplied our stink because when it comes to the mixing of stink, the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. And then we’d have to explain to Silas that 2 parts stink added with 2 parts stink make much more than 4 parts.

And then he would say, ‘Oh, yeah, I get it. It’s sort of like when I come home from the bar and I have that rotten beer and smoke smell in my clothes and then I sit down on the pot to take a crap while I also take off my tennis shoes that I wore all day and sweated in.

I did this once and my shower curtain melted!’ And then you’d probably want to give Silas a hug for understanding and we’d have another stink explosion. See? It would never end! It would be likeā€¦ Chain reaction stink.”

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