Viagra and cardiac risk. Part 2


The study found that 35 percent of 374 heart failure patients admitted to Duke between March 1997 and June 1998 were diagnosed with depression, based on a standard battery of psychological tests. Furthermore, 14 percent of this group of patients were classified as having major depression. (more…)

Viagra and cardiac risk. Part 1


Researchers from BIDMC in Boston say their data suggest that heart problems caused by the drug sildenafil (Viagra) are extremely rare. Their study, presented at the conference, analyzed 82 studies of sildenafil, a popular drug used to treat impotence. (more…)

Celebrate Something


Author and columnist Marilyn Savant said, “To acquire knowledge one must study, but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.” (more…)

Success Stories


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The Down Side


You’ve done all that you could do to make yourself less of a victim. Your house, your car and your family are all as safe as you can make them without an armed guard. (more…)

Parent Education for Raising Children


For children to develop fully as human beings, they need love, attention, understanding and support from adults. When parents do not fulfill the essential needs of children, they are denied a solid foundation for achieving their potential. There is a great need for parent education and support. (more…)

Communicating With Your Sex Partner. Part 3


Lombard counseled one couple that had been married 25 years but hadn’t had sex in more than 20 years. One night, the husband rolled over and touched his wife. She rolled the opposite way. He stopped trying. Neither knew how to communicate about the problem. (more…)

Communicating With Your Sex Partner. Part 2


Besides verbal communication, body language is also important, as long as couples don’t misread or “over-read” behavioral cues, Lombard says. If your partner is sitting at the opposite end of the couch instead of next to you, that doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t care about you or wants distance from you, he says. Perhaps the reading light is better at that end. (more…)

Communicating With Your Sex Partner. Part 1


You rush to greet your partner as he arrives home from work. You’re coiffed, perfumed and in the mood for love. The table is set, the candles lit, the lights dim and soft music is playing.
But he blows past you and heads for the kitchen. He turns the lights on, grabs a cold soda and bellows, “Hey, honey, how soon is dinner? Do I have time to change my oil?” (more…)



Pinkeye, or conjunctivitis, is the inflammation of the membrane that covers the white part of the eye and the inner lining of the eyelid. This area of the eye is called the conjunctiva. (more…)

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